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Retirement Planning

Having relationship with hundreds of clients, KAP consultant services have observed that retirement plan is often not the focus of most people until it is late. People don’t want to...
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Accounting Practices & Preparation of DPR

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is an indispensable formal, approved document, utilised for proper project control and execution of a project. The business wing at KAP consultant services is dedicated...
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Tax planning and Consultancy

As tax planners, KAP consultant services offer various services. Eligibility Consultation, Document Preparation, Application Drafting, and Government Fees. We also streamline operations such as tax notice reply, tax documentation, filing...
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Hedged Investment

KAP consultancy services, has a fully equipped equity portfolio that is aimed at garnering long term capital via equities, derived from the important trends that the market cycles offer. What...
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Value Trading

Trading happens when you hold stocks for a short duration. This may be for a week or even a day. Trader holds stocks during the short term high performance. Unlike...
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Portfolio Management

The PMS or Portfolio Management Services offered by KAP consultancy services deals in in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and various individual securities etc. These services are managed...
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