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Aadhar Update : How To Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

How To Change Mobile Number in Aadhar :  Aadhaar is a 12-digit Special ID issued from the UIDAI- Particular Identification Authority of India into an individual Living in India. Irrespective of the age and sex, any person can enroll to acquire an Aadhaar number.

Aadhaar captures two significant information or information with regard to the biometric and demographic information from the applicant throughout the process of enrolment and is completely free of charge. Implementing and getting the Aadhaar is a one-time task and will stay valid for the entire life.

It’s compulsory to have a mobile number connected to a Aadhaar. The reason you must put in your mobile number to Aadhaar is that every one of the secure online authentication occurs via OTP that’s delivered to the number registered with your Aadhaar Card.

Updating your market information in your Aadhaar card is rather simple in case your mobile number was announced at the time of enrolment. The procedure can be performed online in these scenarios.

If, however, you did not announce your mobile number in the time of enrolment or your own mobile number has changed, you won’t have the ability to add your mobile number through the SSUP (Self Support Update Portal) portal.

Importance of upgrading details in Aaadhar Card

Aadhaar has changed into a suitable verification instrument to authenticate your identity. It supplies you with the selection of biometric evidence of your fingerprints or iris scan, an advanced and transparent manner of confirmation of identity. It’s a exceptional method of saving all the essential information in a licensed central warehouse of UIDAI.

In the time of your Aadhaar enrolment, you’re necessary to supply a valid contact number that belongs to you personally or your own email id. These can be recorded as your permanent contact information and will be connected to a Aadhaar card. Although supplying mobile numbers isn’t compulsory, to avail of the online facilities and other advantages from Aadhaar, it’s encouraged to get your mobile number updated or include on your Aadhaar records.

Therefore, upgrading or adding your mobile number is a very important step, because all applicable messages and significant statements about your Aadhaar card will be sent to your mobile number and is mostly vital that you help you finish the KYC verification process, allowed by banks and the insurance companies.

How to Change mobile number in Aadhar Card online (with OTP)

A registered mobile number is crucial to acquire the services of Aadhaar Online Services. You are able to authenticate your mobile number which was said during enrolment or the most recent Aadhaar detail update.

Confirm Mobile Number : Should you not have your registered Mobile number in the time of registering for Aadhaar, you’re essential to stop by a Permanent Enrolment Centre to make it registered on your Aadhaar record.

One significant facility offered by UIDAI is Aadhaar mobile number affirmation, through which you may easily check your mobile number. The key point to notice that you have to remember is that before affirming your mobile number, the very same has to be registered on your Aadhaar documents on https://resident.uidai.gov.in/verify-email-mobile.

Let’s now see the steps as below:

  • See the official site of UIDAI in https://uidai.gov.in/
  • About the webpage, below the section’My Aadhaar’, choose’Aadhaar Services” then choose”Verify Email/ Mobile Number”.
  • Fill in your own 12-digit Aadhaar number from the appropriate space provided.
  • Enter your mobile number from the area as shown below
  • Input the security code and then Complete the captcha verification process
  • Click “Confirm OTP” after placing the OTP attentively and then tap submit
  • When the authentication is successful, you will Get a message saying”Your mobile number is successfully confirmed”

How to Change mobile number in Aadhar Card offline (without OTP)

Step 1: See the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre

Step 2: Kindly Fill the Aadhaar Update Form

Step 3: Input only your existing mobile number in the shape

Step 4: You do not need to mention your past mobile number

Step 5: Your executive will enroll your petition

Step 6: A charge of 50 rs is billed for availing this service

Important things to consider how to update mobile numbers in aadhar card without OTP

  • It’s important for you to enroll your mobile number along with your aadhaar card
  • After enrollment, you have to verify registered mobile number by visiting the UIDAI official Site
  • All online facilities supplied by UIDAI required OTP confirmation That Are delivered exclusively to the registered mobile numbers
  • Providers do the confirmation procedure through your Aadhaar, in which again, you’d need your registered mobile number, as OTPs are delivered only to the Aadhaar registered numbers to complete the trade
  • Last, but not the least, It’s Important in Order to Make Sure that the Ideal beneficiary is getting the advantage or doing any trade, and no imitation identity is performing exactly the same

How To Book An Appointment

Step 1: After you click on the’Book Appointment’ in step 9 given-above, then you want to look for an enrolment center. There are numerous alternatives to look for a registration center like through centre title, Pincode, country, etc..

Select any 1 alternative that’s suitable for you and click get details. We’ve chosen the Pin Code here.

Step 2: Your portal site will show you a listing of local registration centers; select one and pick the date and time slot depending on your convenience by clicking’Book Appointment’.

Step 3: Crosscheck each detail once more and click confirm.

You’ll find an Application form in PDF format the minute that you click confirm. It is possible to store it and get a print from the same prior to visiting the registration centre.

As an alternative, you could even reserve a slot via the mAadhaar program by downloading it in Playstore or download Aadhaar Update Type, the particulars of which can be provided in another section.

FAQs related to How To Change Monile Number in Aadhar

Ques. Can I change my mobile number on the Aadhaar card online without OTP?

Ans. Yes. you need to visit the nearest Aadhaar enrolment center to change your mobile number in Aahdaar Card online without an OTP

Ques. how to change mobile number in Aadhaar card if I have lost my connected number?

It’s possible to change your mobile number on the Aadhaar card in the event you’ve lost or do not possess your registered mobile number. This may be achieved by visiting the nearest Aadhaar enrolment center together with your initial Aadhaar Card.

Ques. Can someone update mobile number in Aadhaar online

Ans. No. UIDAI has ceased the online mobile number updation solutions because of safety problems. But you may download the application form for altering the mobile number online and see your nearest Aadhaar enrolment center to have it altered.

Ques: Why do I want to supply any files so as to change/update my mobile particulars?

Ans. there’s not any need to supply any file to update/change your mobile number. Simply download and fulfill out the Aadhar Enrolment/Correction Form and submit it together with the updation cost of Rs 25.

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